Old Catton Neighbourhood Plan

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Neighbourhood Plan


Has passed the 

Independent Examination...

We are vey pleased to report that the Neighourhood Plan has successfully passed its examination with only minor changes recommended by the examiner.

Once the Plan has been updated with the agreed changes you will be able to download a Referendum Version from the Documents page.

What Happens Next?

There will be a referendum for the residents of Old Catton.

The referendum will give local residents the final say on  the  planning  policies  in the Old Catton Neighbourhood Plan, these include the protection of open spaces, better footpaths, road safety and junction improvements and design improvements for new homes.

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If the Neighbourhood Plan passes the referendum it will:

  •  shape   the future  of   Old Catton  for  the next 20 years by providing  a framework to guide future development  and planning policies  to determine future planning applications; and 
  • bring extra funding to be spent on improving the facilties in Old Catton.

Neighbourhood Area for our Neighbourhood Plan 

The designated area for the Neighbourhood Plan has been approved as the entire Parish of Old Catton - the area outlined in red on the map.

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Old Catton Neighbourhood Area

Community Consultation Events 

Having your say...

Residents reviewing local development proposals 

and having their say on emerging policies ....


The preparation of the Neighbourhood Plan has been led by a Steering Group which is made up of local residents and Parish Councillors with support from Neighbourhood Planning Consultants, ABZAG Ltd. 

The Steering Group, chaired by local resident David Chisholm,  has being meeting since January 2015 to oversee the development of the Plan.


For further information  - Steering Group members, Meeting agendas and minutes see our [ABOUT] page.

Feedback on the Draft Plan

Residents sharing their views at our 

pre-submission consultation events...

Old Catton Neighbourhood Plan Consultation

Sharing your views..

Old Catton Parish Council has written to local schools, community groups and other stakeholders telling them about the Neighbourhood Plan and how to get involved. If you think you should have received a letter - and haven't   - please do let us know using the Contact Form.


Old Catton Neighbourhood Plan 

Steering Group

We used the Newsletter and our first community event to seek volunteers to help us form a Steering Group to oversee the production of the Old Catton Neighbourhood Plan.  

We are delighted to say many residents of Old Catton put their names forward to join the Steering Group.

The Steering Group has led on the management of the Neighbourhood Plan and holds regular open meetings which anyone can attend.  


For further info >>


The Steering Group will meet again once the Neighbourhood Plan has been through its independent examination.  We will advertise the date once the meeting is scheduled.

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 An Illustration of neighbourhood planning aross England

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Successful Neighbourhood plan referendum

Grant funding secured

from Locality & Broadland District Council 

has helped to develop the 

Old Catton Neighbourhood Plan 

Grants were awarded by Broadland District Council and by the Supporting Communities in Neighbourhood Planning Programme, led by Locality in association with RTPI Planning Aid England, CDF and partners - available through the My Community Rights website. 

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